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Author, psychotherapist

and medical doctor

Integrating expert knowledge
with personal experience.

About me

SANJA ROZMAN is a medical doctor, psychotherapist, cancer survivor, internationally known public speaker and author of seven books published in Slovenian language. Competent, courageous and compassionate, she has the gift to tell about difficult things like addiction, trauma and cancer, with a simple enough language, but with great medical and psychotherapeutic accuracy. She knows how it feels to be vulnerable and in crisis, but she is firmly rooted in expertise and positive experience, and she offers solutions that work. More than 3000 clients have profited from her original therapeutic program, more than 35,000 books were sold and several national and international audiences attended her lectures.

Calm Sea

“Sanja Rozman has been an extraordinary national and international presence in the field of sex addition.  Her leadership, knowledge, and compassion have helped many...  Rare to find a clinician who has integrated the medical, clinical, and cultural issues presented in sex addiction.”

-Patrick J. Carnes, Ph.D., C.A.S, CSAT

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