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Invitation to a meeting with Sanja Rozman in Maribor

On Thursday, 4.4.2024 at 6 pm we invite you to the Mladinska knjiga's Bookshop in Maribor for a meeting with Sanja Rozman. We will talk about stories from her book Prisoners of the Past that guide us with examples of recovery.

In the book, the author, together with her client Ana and through her personal stories, guides us along the path of recognizing the deep laws of spirituality. In their talk, layer by layer, we discover what lies beneath difficult behaviors, addictions, violence and bad decisions, and how to avoid repeating the painful past.

Conversation with dr. Rozman will be led by journalist and sociologist Danaja Lorenčič.

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Lecture by Sanja Rozman 
at Hospickafe

Talking about death and dying is not the most appealing topic for listeners, so the Hospice likes to spice it up with special guests. On Monday, March 25th, a conversation with guest Sanja Rozman about her latest book Prisoners of the Past was prepared in the beautiful city café Loggia. We were delighted by the large number of people who listened carefully and asked questions. The event was very well led by Diana Pungeršič.


Lecture by Sanja Rozman
Presentation of the book Prisoners of the Past

Sanja Rozman will be presenting her new book Prisoners of the Past on Monday March 25th at 6 p.m.  in caffee Loggia, Koper-Capodistria. Book lovers and those interested in life-changing relationships are cordially invited.



Lecture by Sanja Rozman
Raising children who are resistant to addiction

On March 15th, the Krško Youth Centre, led by Vanja Vidmar, organized the lecture Dream Rozman How to raise children so that they are not vulnerable to addiction. You can read more about the event at the link below.


Podcast - Peace of mind:
Sanja's new book

On February 8, Sanja Rozman recorded a podcast with Gorazd Dominek for the podcast series Peace of mind. They talked about the new book The Prisoner and the Past and about psychotherapy.



"Trauma can be healed"

by Dr. Sanja Rozman in the Blue Room podcast

Listen to the podcast Modra soba, in which Dr. Sanja Rozman talks with Dr. Metka Kuhar, an author, researcher, and professor who writes about trauma. In the podcast, they discussed the concept of trauma and the development of psychotherapy, the dynamics of co-dependent and violent relationships, toxic shame and submission, narcissism, forgiveness, and self-forgiveness. Dr. Sanja Rozman also spoke about her personal experiences that influenced her to focus on the treatment of non-chemical addiction and co-dependent relationships and how to achieve change in the heart. ”Once you realize that you’re okay, that the world is okay (if you’re just a little careful), and that most people are okay too, it’s a real change of heart. And a small group that takes these kinds of changes seriously and enforces them through itself can make a difference in society.


Pfizer Podcast - Health Chapter:
Life with Cancer

As a breast cancer survivor, Sanja Rozman has also been involved in raising women’s awareness of this problem, and for many years, as a member of the European and Slovenian organizations Europe Donna, she has lectured at various conferences about the problems experienced by patients.

Listen to the podcast: A Chapter for Health: Living with Cancer, sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

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