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Our Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files the website creates and stores on your computer during your visit. They store information about your use of the site to help our developers understand and improve how it works. Some cookies do not need user consensus ( i.e."Essential Cookies") to be used, as they are essential for the sites operation. Other (non essential) cookies can be disbeled by the user.

What are Cookies used for?​​

By saving information about our users preferences Cookies help us create a better user experience on our website. It also helps us analize and optimize our sites visibility and other statistics. Some Cookies can be used to promote relevant ads to.

Clicking "Accept"

By clicking the "Accept" button the user agrees to the use of Cookies on their computer (until they delete them). If the user does not to click the button "Accept" and continues using our site the Cookies policy will still be regarded as accepted.

Cookie Settings

By clicking the button "Cookie Settings"  the user has the option to enable or disable the use of some Cookies except for the essential ones.

​Our site uses the following:

  • Essential Cookies

  • Marketing Cookies

  • Functional Cookies

  • Analytics Cookies

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