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Relationships are the agents of change, and the most powerful therapy is human love.


-Bruce D. Perry

Why I write

Stories! So many of them! Sitting with my clients in the safety of my office at dusk, listening, bearing witness to their traumas and losses, and their pain so deep it touches the core of my soul. They were all looking for love and found abandonment and betrayal instead. And still, they hope and believe there must be a better way. I wish everybody could witness with me, how helpless and yet brave people can be. This is why I write: these stories need to be shared, so we can appreciate them and learn from them.

I am often approached by a reader, telling me that my book changed their lives, by giving them hope and showing them the way out of seemingly impossible situations. Telling the stories about recovery and human growth through adversity really has transformational power. I have shared my memoirs of the toughest times of my life in my first book “Sanje o rdecem oblaku” (Stronger Than Love) and the newest one “Ujetniki preteklosti” (Prisoners of the Past).

Maybe you can find pieces of your own story in the testimonies that I shared in my books, and maybe it will help you see some silver linings...

Sanja Rozman has published eight books in Slovenian language and  a pending publication of  "SERENITY- How to Recognize, Understand and Recover from Behavioral Addictions" in English by The Brandylane Publishers, Inc. She also has the translations of Stronger than Love and Prisoners of the Past ready for publication..

Sanja Rozman has published seven books in Slovenian language

Prisoners of the Past

Ujetniki preteklosti_edited.jpg


Sanja Rozman Courage book


Sanja Rozman Serenity book

Sobriety Workbook

Sanja Rozman Serenity workbook with audio

Change in Heart

Sanja Rozman Change in heart book

The Roller Coaster to Hell

In Love with Dreams

Dreams about the Red Cloud

Sanja Rozman has written two English manuscripts and is currently looking for potential  publishers

Stronger than Love

Stronger than Love.png


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