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News Archive: 2021

This are Sanja's events from the past years


Event for Primary School Professionals

On 30. 9. 2021 we held an event for professionals of elementary schools in Celje. The initiator and organizer was the Municipality of Celje, in order to take part in the responsibility for the increasingly frequent phenomena of deviant behavior among young people, and to help citizens by improving awareness and new knowledge about interpersonal relationships, with an emphasis on upbringing and education.
Sanja Rozman also appeared with an explanation of how childhood trauma leads to behavioral problems in young people.

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Video contributions Dream Rozman for

We invite you to watch a series of short video articles presenting Sanja Rozman about topics that interest young people and adults: about addiction with a perfect body, about depression, about how to use social networks safely, about addiction in general


Lectures by Sanja Rozman for elementary schools

In cooperation with the Institute 7 from Nova Gorica, Sanja Rozman is preparing a series of lectures on addictions for primary schools. The shows are aimed at individual primary schools and are held live from the studio in Solkan. Together with the host of the show, Bojan Kodelja, they have a relaxed conversation about the causes and consequences of various addictions and try to shed light on current problems from the point of view of children, parents and teachers.



Interview in the December issue of Obrazi

Sanja Rozman and Gorazd Dominko had an interesting conversation about where and how trauma begins, how it develops and how it can eventually lead to addictive behaviour.
It’s also about how you can turn your traumas into a different way of life!


ON LINE event:
'Three Seconds - Addiction: This Can't Happen to Me'

In cooperation with Zavod 7 and the platform, Sanja Rozman is preparing a series of events for the upper classes of primary schools, in which pupils and their parents will be able to learn more about modern addictions and their prevention. Events for individual schools due to the epidemic will be held live from the studio, you will also be able to ask your questions. The moderator is Bojan Kodelja, who is already known in schools for his Street Challenger programs.

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E- BOOK Peklenska Gugalnica.jpg


The e-book Peklenska gugalnica (Hell's Swing) is out!

Due to the high demand of our readers, we decided to reprint the bestseller on non-chemical addictions. You can buy it through the Biblos system.

A practical textbook by Sanje Rozman on non-chemical addictions, which explains in detail the causes and mechanisms of their occurrence, their intertwining and the conditions that must be met for the treatment of addiction. This is a book for all those who think they lack love in their lives and are looking for it in substitutes. In doing so, they fall into a vicious cycle of addiction to food, sex, work, gambling, shopping, debt, dreaming, television, spirituality or relationships. The author offers a thoughtful and effective program of treatment for these addictions and directs the reader to the knowledge and recognition of true love.

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