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The Core Change Institute

The Recovery Program

It works if you work it!

Sanja's work

Sanja Rozman is active as Head of Recovery Programs and psychotherapist in Core Change Institute (Sprememba v srcu, zavod za psihoterapijo This is a non-governmental non-profit organization providing programs for recovery from the behavioral addictions and trauma. Group therapy according to these principles is organized in Ljubljana and Maribor, Slovenia.


The recovery program is described in my books Umirjenost and Serenity. It is personalized and is based on the four dimensions of a person’s life: body, mind, relationships and spirit, to make sure that none of the important aspects of recovery are neglected.

  • Regular exercise

  • Balanced diet

  • Sleep and rest

  • Play

  • Yoga and martial arts

  • Psychotherapy

  • Learning about addiction

  • Journaling and biography writing

  • Emotional regulation

  • Therapeutic group

  • Support group

  • Marriage counselling

  • Friends and family

  • Work relationships

  • Meditation

  • Prayer

  • Creative expression – art

  • Spiritual support groups

  • Religious community

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