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Sanja's Webinar for the U.S. Journal 

Sanja Rozman presented a webinar for psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and counselors,
hosted by U.S. Journal in the Behavioral Addictions in Adolescents and Young Adults: Certificate Series

Behavioral addictions, also referred to as process addictions, are characterized by obsessive and compulsive urges to partake in specific behaviors. These addictions are habitual and provide an emotional high that encourages the individual to continue engaging in potentially dangerous and reckless behaviors, despite negative consequences. With gambling, gaming, shopping, and pornography addictions becoming increasingly common among adolescents and young adults, clinicians who work with this demographic will benefit from a broader scope of knowledge and context around these co-occurring disorders. This certificate series provides an understanding of what constitutes behavioral addiction, how it manifests in a variety of arenas, and how to address the root causes that catalyze problematic behaviors.


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Zarja magazine

Published: 26.06.2018 author: Alenka Sivka

Sanja's house, full of fresh green and flowers, is located near the house and office of late Doctor Janez Rugelj, whose patient she used to be at first, and later his follower. She still uses a large part of his teachings in her psychotherapeutic work. Sanja is now retired, but she continues to practise psychotherapy for a couple of hours a week, thinking she still has something to give ... The conversation with her brought me to the brink of crying a couple of times, not really knowing why. In the end she said that I have brought to the surface the dimensions she rarely has opportunity to show…

ONA+ magazine

Published: 09.02.2016 avthor: Nika Vistoropski

"I am still trying to erase the illusion of myself as a successful woman, a superwoman, who is armed with medical and psychological knowledge, who »rocks« and fixes miserable addicts. I want to be known as a person who feels instead." The dignity of her profession is having in front of you the worst human misery and stand rapt with the depth of human dignity.

Sanja Rozman, therapist, who also wrote about her personal life, is telling us Mia's story in her book Courage. It tells us that terrible things happen where we should feel the safest – at home.

ONA+ magazine

Published: 10.07.2016 author: Nika Vistoropski

Dr. Sanja Rozman. The woman, who has walked the path from a medical doctor to psychotherapist, author of many bestsellers about self-improvement and addictions. And she is still walking. In that process, she teaches herself and the others. Her trilogy Serenity, Courage and Wisdom is a holistic system of recovery from addictions and trauma. We are still waiting for the last book. The titles are actually a prayer: God, grant us serenity, to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference. interview

When Love becomes Addiction

What is love, actually? And what is addiction? And what do these two have in common? Codependancy or relationship addiction can feel alot like love, but...

Documentaries and educational

video series

In Search of Lost Love

A Documentary film by Slovenia's national television

In 2005, a documentary on Sanja's work was filmed for the national TV, directed by Marko Nabersnik, one of the most famous Slovenian young directors. 

Behavioral Addictions 101

A series of short informational videos about addiction

The website is a Slovenia based program that helps educate about addiction. Bellow you can find a link to a series of short videos about process addictions by Sanja Rozman made in collaboration with

Here are some of Sanja's best

global presentations

Europa Donna

Pan-European Conference in Ljubljana 2017

In November 2017 she spoke about Complementary and Alternative Therapies and Rehabilitation after Breast Cancer, on the Europa Donna Pan-European Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Europa Donna Pan-European Conference

Sex and Love Addiction

International Conference in Brooklyn, NY 2013

In April 2013 she was invited to speak about »love« addiction on the 1st International Conference on Sex and Love Addiction in New York.

International Conference on Sex and Love Addiction


European Brest Cancer Conference in Glasgow 2014

2014 she was invited to speak on the EBCC (European Breast Cancer Conference) in Glasgow, Scotland.

European Breast Cancer Conference 2014

Global Addiction

Pan-European Conference in Ljubljana 2017

In 2012 she was invited to speak about process addictions on the Global Addiction Conference in Lisbon, and in 2015 in Belgrade.

Global Adiction 2011 conference