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Sanja's Webinar for the U.S. Journal 

Sanja Rozman presented a webinar for psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and counselors,
hosted by U.S. Journal in the Behavioral Addictions in Adolescents and Young Adults: Certificate Series

Behavioral addictions, also referred to as process addictions, are characterized by obsessive and compulsive urges to partake in specific behaviors. These addictions are habitual and provide an emotional high that encourages the individual to continue engaging in potentially dangerous and reckless behaviors, despite negative consequences. With gambling, gaming, shopping, and pornography addictions becoming increasingly common among adolescents and young adults, clinicians who work with this demographic will benefit from a broader scope of knowledge and context around these co-occurring disorders. This certificate series provides an understanding of what constitutes behavioral addiction, how it manifests in a variety of arenas, and how to address the root causes that catalyze problematic behaviors.


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