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How to Recognize, Understand and Recover from Behavioral Addictions

"Serenity is more than just a recovery guide; it is a catalyst for genuine transformation. For anyone seeking to step out of the darkness of addiction and step into a brighter, more empowered life, Serenity is a must-read. This book is also a powerful tool for anyone who wants to understand and support those on the path to recovery."


Antonieta Contreras, author of the award-winning book Traumatization and Its Aftermath, trauma therapist, supervisor, consultant.

Book Pages

Your go-to manual

for understanding & overcoming behavioral addictions

How can you recognize and understand behavioral addictions?

How do people develop behavioral addictions?

What types of behaviors are addictive and why?

When it comes to activities like engaging with social media, gaming, working, ordieting, how much is too much?

How can someone become addicted to something everybody does?

​Why are some people unable to stop engaging in addictive behaviors, despite the
problems that may result?

How can you know if you’re helping or enabling your addicted loved one?

Are you an addict yourself—and if so, how can you recover?



Life can be hard—so why not use whatever avenues you can to make it easier?
Overindulging in drugs and alcohol only makes problems worse, but what could be wrong with using video games, gambling, comfort food, social media, romance, or sex to add some comfort to your life?
Unfortunately, while engaging in comforting behaviors can initially seem less dangerous and more socially acceptable than smoking or drinking too much alcohol, the chemistry of addiction is not wholly tied to a substance, but rather to the brain’s response. This leads some people to develop diseases called behavioral addictions—which work just like other addictions, but without any substance involved.


In this book, renowned psychotherapist Sanja Rozman will answer these questions and help you create your own personal, state-of-the-art recovery plan. Her program has helped her clients discover the reasoning behind their destructive behaviors, work through them, and establish new, healthier patterns in their lives and relationships. Whether you are suffering yourself or are a family member, teacher, or good friend of an addict, you will learn everything you need to know about how to recognize, understand, and cope with behavioral addictions. You can’t just stop them—but you can work through the problem. It works if you work it!

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